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Knitting Tips for Beginners

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Having graduated in 1987 from Cincinnati Technical School in Pennsylvania, Carolyn J. Upshaw holds an associate’s degree in business administration. In her leisure time, Carolyn Upshaw enjoys participating in a number of hobbies, including knitting.

Knitting can be a wonderful and fulfilling pastime. For those looking to take up the hobby for the first time, there are some things to keep in mind that can help you get off to a great start. Here are three helpful tips for beginners to knitting.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of knitting supplies available. Focus on buying a few different types of needles and then experiment to see which ones you enjoy working with the most. Get comfortable with the actual process of knitting, and learn the basic techniques before spending a lot of money on different supplies that you may not end up using.

On the subject of cost savings, start out with less expensive yarns. As as a beginner, it is likely to be common to rip out stitches and make other knitting mistakes. This means that the yarn, more than likely, is going to be frayed and stretched. Consider your first yarns a training ground in this respect. You may be tempted to buy fancier, more expensive yarns, but it’s important to stick with more budget-friendly yarn while learning.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to watch YouTube tutorials on performing certain techniques. Some people are better able to learn when they can watch in real time how a stitch is performed. While books are an important learning tool, watching tutorial videos can sometimes help bridge the gap between the concepts in the book and the actual practice of implementing them.