Carolyn Upshaw remains a dedicated fan of several arts and crafts
activities, and she possesses significant training and experience
in a variety of needlepoint disciplines. Knitting, one of Ms.
Upshaw’s favorite pastimes, makes use of thread or yarn to create
clothing or other delicate crafts. When knitting a garment, an
individual pulls a new loop through an existing one as he or she
progresses along each row. To keep the loop open before pulling a
new loop through it, knitters such as Carolyn Upshaw use the
easily recognizable knitting needle, which usually measures anywhere
from 10 to 15 inches in length. Ms. Upshaw has maintained a
particularly strong love for this hobby over the years, and she
considers working on a knitting project one of her favorite ways to
spend her free time.

In recent years, Carolyn Upshaw has devoted much of her leisure time
to embroidery, the general term for decorating fabric with a needle
and thread or yarn. Ms. Upshaw has gained experience with a wide
array of embroidery techniques, including chain stitch, buttonhole
stitch, running stitch, and satin stitch. Many types of embroidery
make use of a number of decorative materials such as pearls, metal
strips, quills, and sequins. Among other materials, Carolyn Upshaw
particularly enjoys using beads in embroidery patterns.

In addition to her expertise in knitting and general embroidery,
Carolyn Upshaw has spent a considerable amount of time perfecting
her cross-stitching technique. Unlike knitting, which uses a length
of yarn and a pair of knitting needles, cross-stitching utilizes
X-shaped stitches in a tiled pattern to form an image. Because
cross-stitching uses very thin thread to compose the stitches,
Carolyn Upshaw uses a medium to serve as the background, most
commonly a fabric referred to as aida cloth. Throughout the years,
Ms. Upshaw has continually refined her cross-stitching ability and
has become capable of producing a variety of well-crafted projects.
As a testament to her love for sewing and embroidery, Carolyn Upshaw
hopes to one day open her own needlepoint creations barn, where she
can sell her projects and share her passion for these crafting
activities with others.


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